7 Ways to Decrease Screen time

In today’s day and age, it is extremely difficult to pry children away from addictive video games, streaming apps, television, and social media. Heck, even us adults have a hard time getting away from it all. The value of good old human interaction and imaginative play is beyond measure, so maybe it is time that we all take a little break?

Here are a few ways to implement less screen time at home with the kids on board:

  1. Block out a certain period of time each day where screen time is off limits. Whether that is an hour before bed, or for the first half of the day, agreeing on a time together as a family and everyone committing to it will make it much easier.
  2. Turn off notifications on all cellphones from all apps. Not having notifications pop up every 5 minutes will significantly reduce the amount of times you look at your phone.
  3. Let your child choose a new instrument they want to learn to play during off-time, and browse Gumtree for inexpensive beginner’s models.
  4. Get creative with a fun family DIY project, whether it be adding a vibrant fresh coat of paint to the kids’ bedrooms, or turning old jars into flower vases.
  5. Get out and exercise with an extra element of fun! Head out to an exciting playground and have a family picnic.
  6. Exercise your green thumbs and teach the kids about growing your own vegetables. Take them to pick out their own vegetables and flowers, and place a little sign with their name on it near the plants they planted.
  7. If the weather is less than ideal, why not create a fort? Children (and adults!) of all ages love making forts, and having the added bonus of a comfy bed inside will make it that much better.

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