7 Ways Gaming is Actually Good for You

While gaming is an exciting pastime for some, it has gotten a bad reputation. No one wants a spouse who can’t peel their eyes from the screen or children who game so often they no longer socialize with their peers. That being said, there are many positives that most of us are not aware of!

  1. Playing video games teaches your brain to focus on more than one thing simultaneously; many are designed to have the player multitask in order to succeed.
  2. If played daily in short spurts, gaming can increase eyesight.
  3. Many video games have the player try to accomplish a plethora of missions; conquering these levels and missions can boost confidence.
  4. Believe it or not, playing video games can help increase social skills. Many video games offer the option to play multi-player with friends at their own homes which means you can have human interaction while playing.
  5. Playing video games like SIMS, Second Life, and Civilization can increase social cognition by meeting, interacting with, and witnessing a range of emotions from all the different characters.
  6. All brains have the same capacity for memory, however those who use their brains and memories more often are known to learn faster.
  7. Playing fast-paced action or sports video games for a short period each day can help improve stress and depression.

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