7 Things to Know Before Becoming a Hairdresser

There is so much more to becoming an amazing hair stylist than simply having a top-notch education and training. You may have the practical skills but choosing this career path comes with more than cutting, dying, and styling hair. Here are 10 things to know about the job before getting started.

  1. You will have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. As a hair stylist, you will have some clients who ask for out-of-this-world styles and you will have to be confident enough to take those risks.
  2. You will have to be part salesman, part stylist. Along with the territory is recommending products that will do wonders for your clients’ hair, whether it be products for repairing damage, or those that will help protect their hair after treatments.
  3. You must look the part. You would not want to go to a stylist that has messy, dirty hair with exposed roots and dry, splitting ends, right? Truth be told, it is hard to trust the skills of a professional when they do not use their skills on themselves too.
  4. You need to be humble. Honestly, there are a ton of salons and stylists to choose from, and your clients always have the choice to go elsewhere. Be confident in your skills, but don’t act like you know it all.
  5. Self-promotion will be your side-gig. As a stylist, you should never, ever stop promoting yourself and your work!
  6. You will do yourself a dis-service if you do not invest in continuing education. We recommend finding a mentor to continually learn from.
  7. If you want to find the right place to work, you will need to be picky about which salon you choose. During the interview, turn things around and do some question asking yourself. You will need to inquire about commission structures, benefits, and any allowances for continuing education courses.

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