7 Household Items for Losing Weight

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It’s January, and we’re all recovering from our holiday food binges. With New Years behind us, it’s time to make good on those New Year’s Resolutions! Since the gym is often packed full of people with the shared mission to drop some weight, here are some ways to avoid the crowd and beat the bulge at home. People will never know how you manage to sit at home, yet get in shape!

Weight and Resistance Training – Bicep Curls, Triceps Dips, and Pushups

1. Bricks For Dumbbells – A brick can be a handy home substitute for buying dumbbells, and can give you a serious resistance workout. Try wrapping the brick in an old shirt, kitchen towel, or other piece of fabric to protect your hands from rough edges during your bicep curls.

2. Kitchen Counter for a Workout Bench – No need to get a fancy bench, just face away from your sturdy kitchen counter, place both hands next to your waist, and use only your arms to dip your body down along the counter cabinet. Use your arms and core to pull yourself back up, and repeat! You’re doing triceps dips at home, for free!

3. Basketball for Pushups – Use a basketball under your hands to do a pushup in military style. It’ll increase the effectiveness of your pushups and keep your body challenged. Don’t have a basketball? Just do beginner pushups using your bodyweight for resistance, on a wall, or on your knees on the floor.

Squats and Lunges

4. Paper Plates as Exercise Equipment – Try placing a paper plate under your front foot, and use it to slide your foot along for a deeper lunge. Be careful to maintain your balance so you don’t slip and hurt yourself.

5. A Jug or Large Bottle of Water – Hold this while you lean against the wall in a chair position, and lower yourself using the wall into a squat. It’ll add more work for your core, and work your abdominal muscles as well as your legs and seat.


6. PVC Pipes for Walking Weights – cover one side of a PVC Pipe securely, and fill it with sand or pebbles, then cover the other side. Hold these while you’re walking for a better cardio workout

7. Backpack for Running – Fill a backpack with water bottles and wear it while running outside, or running in place. This will work your core muscles, as well as your legs, and get your heart rate up quickly.

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