7 Car Wash Tips from the Pros


While washing your ride makes it look fabulous, it also helps protect the exterior, too. We’ve put together a few expert tips from the professionals to ensure you get the ultimate shine.


  1. Always wash your vehicle under cover and out of the harsh, direct sunlight. The sun will dry your vehicle leaving water marks and spots.
  2. It may be easier on the wallet, but we highly recommend the discontinued use any dishwashing liquid as they are designed to cut through grease which will also strip off any wax from your car’s exterior.
  3. Use three separate buckets: one for your extra dirty wheels, one for the rest of the vehicle, and one for rinsing.
  4. Start your washing with the roof and work your way down so that you do not have dirt dripping down over parts of your car you have already cleaned.
  5. Apply wax in a circular motion, but wash your vehicle in straight strokes to avoid swirl marks.
  6. If you have one, use a leaf blower or something similar to dry your vehicle.
  7. Apply a wax protectant once you have completed the wash in order to protect the paint from extra damage while out and about.


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