6 Types of Wearable Tech You Need in Your Life

The Fitbit or Apple watch are probably the most common and widely known wearable tech out there. But there are many more options to choose from! Wearable tech, or more affectionately known as wearables, are the perfect accessory offering both style and basic computing functions.

Here are 6 awesome types of wearables you just may want to have in your life this year:

  1. Smartwatches. Connecting a smartphone to a smartwatch allows you to answer phone calls, text, and use a plethora of apps from your wrist, without the need to hold your phone at all times.
  2. Smart Jewellery. The most common piece of smart jewellery is the smart ring; this nifty wearable obtains health-tracking information while you wear it. Just check the app on your smartphone later!
  3. Fitness Trackers. Think of a Fitbit that can monitor your steps, your calories, heart rate, and a large range of other fitness metrics.
  4. Smart Clothing. Not yet available, smart clothing will be able to provide deeper insights for both medical and lifestyle improvements.
  5. Head-Mounted Displays. Just like it sounds, head-mounted displays are devices worn on the head that provide displays in the user’s field of vision; this allows the user to use a device without needing to look down at their phone.

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