5 Ways to Grow Your Small Service-Based Business

As an ally for small businesses, we at Gumtree have had the amazing opportunity of working closely with small business owners from inception. One of the most common questions we get asked by business owners today is how they can grow their business so that they no longer have to chase cold leads each month, but rather have a steady stream of warm leads flowing in.

Here are our top five tips for growing your service-based business:

  1. Of course, we always recommend spending a small amount to promote your advertisements on Gumtree in a way that will get you seen by as many people as possible. That way, the leads that come in are warm; they are already interested in what you have to offer! Once you have done that for some time, consider taking the next step by signing up for Gumtree for Business which will give you a plethora of added bonuses like ads that never expire, and access to a dedicated customer service team.
  2. Get to know your customers, their needs, and their wants. start out by conducting a bit of research on what your existing customers are looking for; what services do they want and how much would they pay for them? If you have an Instagram account for your business, doing a few poll stories is a great way to get this information. Be sure never to add a new service or product without conducting market research first.
  3. One thing that many larger businesses lack is excellent customer service. Ensuring your customer service is beyond expectations will take your business to new heights; customers value this and will be far more likely to purchase from you again. You should get far more customers recommending your services to their friends and family, too!
  4. Take the time to nurture your existing customers, even while looking for ways to attract new ones. Consider sending out a bi-weekly or monthly email newsletter with loyalty discount codes, or following up with them via email or phone to find out how they liked your service and how they are doing since you saw them last.
  5. Experiment with other avenues to advertise your services. Don’t be afraid to try multiple avenues like Facebook, Instagram, friends and family referral programs, or networking events. Give them all a try and monitor where your customers are really coming from so that you can focus your energy, time, and hard-earned money on avenues that are actually producing results.

Now that you have the knowledge, it’s time to advertise your services! Head to gumtree.co.za or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android).

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