5 Simple Ways to Rid of Wrinkles Without an Iron

Ironing can be a pain, let’s be honest. However, heading out to a fancy event (pre-or post-COVID, of course) or in to a meeting with wrinkles in your dress or top is a huge fashion faux pas we should all try to avoid. So, what are some simple, yet effective, ways to rid of said wrinkles without the time-consuming hassle or heating up your iron? Give these 5 tips a try.


  1. First and foremost, try to avoid getting wrinkles in your clothes in the first place! Clothes do not simply get wrinkled on their own, so avoiding things like leaving your dry clothes in the washing machine or dryer for too long, or crinkled up on the floor, should help.
  2. For items that are wrinkled all over, popping them into (or back into) the dryer for a quick cycle, along with a damp towel should do the trick. This is perfect when you are in a hurry as you can get yourself ready while your clothes de-wrinkle. Don’t forget to remove your clothing the second the cycle finishes to avoid them getting all wrinkled up again!
  3. Put the wrinkled item of clothing on a hanger, use a spray bottle of water to slightly dampen the wrinkled areas, turn on your hair dryer, and focus the heat directly towards these areas. Be careful not to hold your dryer too close to your clothes as this can cause damage to the fabric.
  4. Use your hair straightener/flat iron! Use an alcohol based cleaner to ensure the plates are completely clean of any product before getting started, and then adjust the temperature to be a bit lower than what you would use on your hair, especially for delicate items.
  5. Place your wrinkled items on a hanger, and hang them at the back of your shower. Put the water on as hot as you are comfortable with and allow the steam to de-wrinkle your clothing. Be careful not to splash any water or soap onto them, though!


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