5 Laundry Best Practices You Need to Know

Doing laundry well does not mean throwing everything from towels to delicate undergarments in the machine at once; not all clothing and linen are created equally! Not all items need to be washed after the same number of wears or uses, so timing matters, but so does the method.

The next time you do laundry, follow these best practices to keep your items look good as new:

  1. Separate your items wisely. While lights and darks should always be separated, other items should be too. Separate heavily soiled items from those only lightly soiled, and separate more abrasive fabrics from soft, delicate ones.
  2. Don’t overload the machine. It may be tempting to save water by shoving everything in at once, but you want to give your garments and linen enough space to move freely around the drum in order to be properly cleaned.
  3. Sanitize your washing machine semi-regularly. Yes, warm water, detergent, and bleach do get rid of most bacteria, you can do a better job by purchasing a laundry sanitizer and running it through a rinse cycle once a month.
  4. Be careful when selecting water temperature. Not all garments should be washed in warm water. In fact, most common fabrics do best in cold water which prevents damage and shrinkage. However, if you are wanting to remove tough stains or a bad smell, washing in hot water is best.
  5. Pick the right detergent. For most general washes, a normal detergent will do the trick. But if you have a load that is heavily soiled or has garments with multiple tough stains that need to be removed, consider a harder working formula.

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