5 Unused Household Items to Sell NOW

Perhaps there is a human tendency to gather originated in ancestral hunter-gatherer days. Why else would people hoard so many things they never use?

Walk around your house, room by room, and see what is sitting there unused. Pretty soon you will have five or more items on your list of candidates. Decide if you want to keep the item and start using it, or #Gumtreeit and convert it into money so you can buy useful things.

1. Therapeutic Devices

While you never use the foot spa you had to buy, there is a pregnant woman out there could use it to relieve some of the aches and pains of the last trimester. The electronic massager that would cure all your back pain is probably stashed away in the corner of a closet. Get it out and find it a new owner!

2. Board Games

Many homes have board games cluttering shelves that don’t get played or whose players have grown out of them.

3. Old Cellphones

Your old cellphones appear to have multiplied in your desk drawer. Estimates put the number of old cellphones in the average family’s drawer at five. Check out our Buy and Sell Tips for Used Cell Phones.

4. Previous Generation Game Consoles and Games

Your older game consoles and games are gathering dust while you are playing on the newer version. Perhaps there is a collector out there who wants that specific model of Gameboy or an older Nintendo. With ever-changing technology, games and game consoles are often replaced with newer models, even though the previous one is still in perfect order. Instead of letting these items sit unused in a cupboard, sell them on Gumtree now before they become too ancient.

5. Lesser-Wanted Heirlooms

Heirlooms can be quite hard to get rid of, since there is a deeper connection to the person who passed it on to you. But if you never really wanted the antique sideboard or your grandmother’s crockery – though quaint and vintage, they are out of place in your modern décor – now it the perfect time to sell them for extra money to buy the things you really do want.

Naturally, it’s easier said than done to get rid of items you own. You paid money to acquire them and might have some kind of connection to each item. Experts have a good suggestion on how to sort out what you really want or need. First, box up the items. Then, after a year has passed, clear out any items in the box that you have not used or needed in that year.

In most homes, there are items that owners used once and then set aside. Imagine if you could trade those in for cash to get something you will actually use. With Gumtree’s easy, free classifieds service, this is completely possible!



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