5 Free Mobile Apps to Send Free SMS

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These days, prices are climbing all around us, and something as simple as SMS messaging can become overwhelmingly expensive. Why pay for SMS messaging when you can send it for free over wifi, or only use data? Whether you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung Smartphone, Nokia Smartphone, or feature phone, there’s an app for you in this list that will help you save some cash and keep in touch with your friends.

Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry Messenger Logo

Blackberry Messenger, known fondly as BBM, is the distinctive real time messenger system introduced by Blackberry. In its current state, BBM allows you to send and receive messages up to 2,000 characters, and includes options for read receipts and delivery receipts. It also allows users to send files and share pictures, and send voice notes instead of text messages. You can also send group messages to maximize efficiency. With any Blackberry 10 smartphones, video chat is also an included option. Currently Blackberry Messenger is only available for Blackberry phones. Check out our article on other essential Blackberry apps here.


Whatsapp Logo

Whatsapp is broadly available across nearly every mobile platform you can imagine, with the exception of feature phones. Whatsapp allows users to message cross-platform, regardless of their smartphone device, using standard data plans. You can also use a voice messaging feature, share photos and videos, use group chats, send your current location to contacts, and use emoticons, all free of charge.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Logo

Facebook’s Messenger app is available on Blackberry, Android, and iPhone and works across platforms. As a standalone app from the Facebook app itself, it’s a speedy and free replacement for texting. Messages are instantly delivered. Facebook also offers users options to share photos, share locations with contacts, and send group messages. Besides standard emotions, Facebook Stickers offer cute, creative images to share instantly, and they have over ten sticker packages that are free to download, including a partnership with Despicable Me. Facebook Messenger also connects to your Facebook contacts list and mobile contacts list automatically, so you never have to add in contacts.

Facebook for Every Phone

Facebook for Every Phone Message Screen

Facebook for Every Phone is the Facebook Messenger client for feature phones. With the same contact implementation, Facebook for Every Phone is stripped down enough to not overtax feature phones, and still allow instant communication.


Line Messaging Logo

Line offers users a full package. Available on smartphones and PC desktop, users can send over 5,000 stickers, make free voice and video calls, and send video voice messages, in addition to standard, charge free messages. Line also has its own game portal in which you can play mini competitive games with your line contacts. They also offer group chats, and interesting ways to add friends on Line. Users can shake their phones together and automatically exchange information, or exchange IDs using QR codes. Line also has a timeline format for their messages to allow you to share moments easily. Line has a suite of independent apps that also integrate with their messenger app, including Line Camera, Line AntiVirus, Line Card, and Line Brush.


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