5 Foods And Drink To Avoid When Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, mothers constantly worry about what they are eating and drinking to assist the baby’s growth and avoid any negative effects on its development. It is imperative that mothers who are breastfeeding, too, continue being alert and cautious of what they are putting into their bodies. Remember, whatever enters the mother’s bloodstream mixes in with the breastmilk as well.

Gumtree provides a list of food and drinks new mothers to avoid when breastfeeding:

  1. Caffeine: 

If you have been running on no sleep during the night, the first thing you need in the morning is a great cup of coffee to function during the day. All mothers can relate to this, right? While small amounts of caffeine do enter the breastmilk, it should be noted that you are generally allowed 300 milligrams per day.

  1. Fish:

There are great benefits to eating fish, but be aware of which type you use as some have higher mercury levels in them. If your doctor advises against certain fish, there are supplements one can take to avoid deficiencies. 

  1. Alcohol: 

Breastfeeding mothers are always recommended to not drink any alcohol. However, moderate consumption of alcohol is generally deemed alright, especially if they wait at least 2 hours before nursing again. Other risks involved in drinking alcohol during this period are reduced milk production, adverse effects on your baby’s sleeping patterns, and possibly a shortened breastfeeding duration.

  1. Spicy foods:

There is no evidence that you should cut out spicy food from your diet, but if it is affecting your baby, it is recommended to reduce it. Keep an eye on your baby’s gastro health and make a decision based on that.

  1. Chocolate: 

Everything in moderation! Chocolate contains traces of caffeine, which could affect your baby. If you notice any changes, eat less or eliminate chocolate and monitor your baby. 

If you notice changes in your baby’s behaviour and sleeping patterns, discuss your food and drink intake with your health provider for assurance. 

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