5 Big Name Artists releasing new albums in 2020

  • Rihanna

Rihanna hasn’t released a new album in four years, focusing instead on her fashion and cosmetic brand and starring in the Oceans 8 as well as Guava Island movie.

  • Justin Bieber

Despite his intentions to retire from music, a new album (and a Tour) is supposedly in the works. His first single (“Yummy”) has not been a favourite but he is going to back to his roots for this new album, and you can still enjoy his YouTube documentary while you wait.

  • Lady Gaga

Gaga announced in March 2019 that she’ll be releasing a new album, but it failed to make an appearance. In December she posted that’s she’s still slaving away, so here’s hoping for the best!

  • SZA

SZA’s album CTRL signified a new era in hiphop, and she’s kept herself busy touring and writing ever since. Keeping our fingers crossed that this will be the year she surprises us with something even better.

  • Adele

Hello…? Adele is back – single, skinnier and ready to knock us off our feet. 25 was a record-breaker, no telling what her new album (29?) would do.

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