5 Best Apps for a Blackberry Z10

In South Africa, Blackberries are extremely popular and widely-used smartphones. Blackberry’s app marketplace is growing, so there are an increasing number of apps that go with their latest BB10-powered phone, the Blackberry Z10.

The Blackberry isn’t just for entertainment; it remains the smartphone of choice in South Africa’s business segment as well.  If you are one of the lucky Blackberry users who own a hot new Z10, what are the best apps to buy for your new phone?


If you need to organise your files according to what suits you, than fully-native app and file manager Playcloud 10 gets the job done well. This application goes several steps further than is probably necessary, but its inclusion of, and support for cloud services are praise-worthy. With complex file management at your disposal, you can move and copy between folders, and you can use multi-select capability to make your life easier when sorting through a list. The app also jumps on board with social media sharing and remote printing, making both work and personal applications that much smoother.


We all know what it’s like to be pressed for time. Sometimes you get so busy you don’t even have the time to read an article that’s caught your attention. With ReadItNow! you can save it for later without any fuss.

ReadItNow! (known as ReadOn Touch PRO in its former incarnation) is an article reader that strips the formatting from websites and chucks the article’s text onto your phone, complete with the option to save everything to the phone for offline reading without mobile data connection. This means you can stock up on reading material then read it offline as you commute (or stand in a queue, or anywhere else you have no connection).  Customisation options allow you to choose views, font sizes, and themes that suit you, and it is easy to share content via social media. The app has an intuitive interface that’s easy on the eye, with no distracting ads jumping around on screen.

Gadget Box

If you are more of the practical type, Gadget Box is a must-have, because it equips your Blackberry Z10 with add-ons worthy of a Swiss army knife. It gives you a spirit level, compass, flashlight, speedometer, protractor, infinite ruler, Morse code generator, unit converter, and a height and distance estimation tool.

Haven’t we all been in a situation where one or more of those could really come in handy? Although you might not use them every day, when you need them the app is very useful and you’ll be glad you downloaded it.  For those that need those items daily, the app is indispensable.

Paper Camera

The Z10 has an 8-megapixel camera, which means you’ll be snapping some great shots. Why not make it fun with Paper Camera?

A big hit on iOS and Android, Paper Camera has leapt into the Blackberry marketplace, and their Blackberry 10 version is every bit as good. Whether transforming your photos into sketch style comic books, or applying a cartoon look, there are various photo-editing filters to experiment with, and you can display them in real-time on your camera feed. It’s very accessible and a lot of fun to play with.


Lastly, all of the Blackberry users who’ve been jealous of iPhone’s Siri and Android’s Google Now can exhale. Blackberry has come out with its very own equivalent called SayIt!, a voice-activated personal assistant. It answers queries on anything from mathematics to lifestyle information to locations-based info. SayIt! lets you do web searches, find nearby hotels and restaurants, get weather forecast information, and even perform language translations.

The Blackberry 10 OS has attracted a large number of developers, and there are already over 15.000 apps that run on the system, which means Blackberry is starting to catch up to their main competitors iOS and Android, and every day there are certain to be new apps to explore and use.

 Are you looking for a Blackberry for business, or even entertainment? You can find thousands of Blackberries on Gumtree, including the Blackberry Z10, Blackberry 9300, Blackberry 9800! If you’re in the market for a used phone in general, check out our tips to buy and sell used cell phones on Gumtree.



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