4 Important Questions to Ask During an Interview

We all know an interview consists of questions used by employers to get to know you and whether you would be the best suited for the position. But what about how you better get to know whether the position is really right for you? Just because you are the one being interviewed, does not mean you cannot interview your potential employer, too.


Here are the top 4 questions to ask before taking on a new position.


  1. Has this position changed throughout the years? If so, HOW has it changed?


Asking this will tell you two things: a recent change in responsibilities within this position could be the reason why the previous employee left, and it could also mean that there are opportunities for advancement within this position.


  1. What are some of the common challenges employees have faced while working in this position?


You will demonstrate forward-thinking by asking this question as it shows you are thinking about anything that could potentially go wrong and how you would get through them.


  1. What opportunities for personal advancement and opportunities do you offer?


Being able to advance your skills and knowledge, as well as move ahead in your career is the key to success within any business. Asking this will show that you are keen to better yourself, as well as commit to and grow with this business.


  1. What are the next steps in this interview process? What can I expect?


Asking this will again showcase your forward-thinking which is always a positive trait for employers.


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