4 Health Benefits of Boxing for Fitness

Strapping on a pair of padded gloves and punching a large padded bag is the perfect way to let off some steam while also getting an incredible, full-body workout. While there are these obvious benefits, there are other ways to positively impacts your health, too. Here’s the low-down.

  1. It is a great aerobic exercise. Boxing strengthens your cardiovascular system with its significant demands on the heart and lungs.
  2. It is great for fat loss. With resistance circuits, bag work, and sparring, boxing is a very appealing way to lean out overall.
  3. It is a great way to gain muscle. While losing weight, you will also simultaneously gain lean muscle mass. This increased muscle mass will increase your metabolism allowing for extra calorie burning while your body is at rest.
  4. It is the perfect stress reliever. Come on, who doesn’t feel better after hitting a bag over and over?

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