30 B2B Sales Techniques to Try

Traditional business-to-consumer (B2C) selling comes much more naturally to most, while business-to-business selling is something that requires quite a bit more thought and planning. That being said, the hard work of B2B selling often feels far more rewarding. Understanding some of the most powerful B2B sales techniques can assist in closing your dream deals.

Here are our top 30 B2B sales techniques to try:

  1. Know the company and its stakeholders before reaching out.
  2. Subscribe to their newsletters or marketing campaigns.
  3. Read their blog.
  4. Keep the cold calling coming, just do it more intelligently. Know their challenges before reaching out.
  5. Collaborate with your prospects through the buying process. Listen to what their concerns and challenges are so you can work together to get what you both want out of it.
  6. Don’t send generic email blasts to all prospects.
  7. Find common ground, be diplomatic, and empathetic.
  8. Address any difficult questions up-front.
  9. Share customer success stories and reviews.
  10. Share case studies with prospects.
  11. Don’t be a nearsighted, pushy salesperson.
  12. Become an expert of your product. Know it inside and out.
  13. Focus less on price and more on the return on their investment.
  14. Create ideal customer profiles.
  15. Sell solutions to problems rather than products.
  16.  Write thought-leadership and helpful articles and publish them to B2B social media websites, like LinkedIn.
  17. Join relevant LinkedIn groups and participate actively in conversations.
  18. Monitor prospects on social media.
  19. Engage with prospects on social media, using your business profile, of course.
  20. Be timely while answering all customer queries and concerns.
  21. Follow your competitors on social media.
  22. Use a customer management tool to streamline your prospect management, outreach, and pending deals.
  23. Take advantage of marketing automation.
  24. Sit down with your marketing team often to ensure your goals are aligned, and to analyze performance.
  25. Don’t only speak to decision makers. The people lower down may be the decision makers next year!
  26. Plan to have all important meetings in-person to at least face-to-face via Zoom if you’re faced with a pandemic. Hello, 2020!
  27. Always exude confidence, especially in body language.
  28. Use live chat software to engage with prospects via your website.
  29. Use an appointment scheduling solution to include a calendar link in your email signature.
  30. Follow up with old leads.

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