3 Tips for Staying Motivated While Working Remotely

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. But sometimes it is challenging to stay motivated with blaring TVs and screaming children. You also have to be accountable for yourself as there is no manager or boss peering over your shoulder, ensuring the work is done and in time. Gumtree offers you the following tips to keep motivated while working from home this year:

  1. Declutter your space: Your bed may be the most comfortable spot in the house but working in it may not be the most productive thing to do. However, if you do, you may begin associating the bed with work, which can lead to sleep issues. Instead, create a bright, neat, quiet space that you can convert into a dedicated home office. Organise it efficiently by getting rid of unnecessary items and clutter. Your laptop or desktop should also be organised, removing all unwanted digital clutter. This will help you get in the right headspace to work more productively.
  2. Dress for work: Our outfits can have a strong psychological effect on our motivation and productivity levels. According to experts, dressing casually makes us less focused on the tasks we are trying to accomplish. The bottom line is this: never work in your pyjamas as it signals your brain to be more relaxed and casual. Instead, have a shower every morning and dress up in your work clothes to feel more energised and raring to go.
  3. Take regular breaks: Working from home can result in you working longer hours without any breaks. However, experts recommend taking regular breaks to ensure your brain feels less drained and tired. These breaks can also prevent physical conditions such as muscle and joint problems.

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