3 Tech Trends affecting Agriculture

Digitization has affected farmers in more ways than one – from increasing the demand for trendy foods (avocadoes and almonds) to opening up new sources of revenue through digital delivery.

Horizontal photograph of cabbage growing in a large agricultural field in early morning light.

Here are a few trends that are changing the way we farm:

  • Robotics

John Deere has spent millions acquiring Blue River, a startup that developed a robot that can identify unwanted plants and spray them with high-precision herbicide. Robotics-as-a-service, where robots are hired seasonally to pick fruit, has grown to a multi-billion dollar industry globally.

  • Blockchain

The first massive blockchain deals were conducted between China and the US, for soybean delivery. The deal was concluded with zero certificates and minimal paperwork – five times faster than normal.

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning is already being used to distinguish between crops when analysing satellite data, which has provided useful information for crop insurance, logistics and market planning.

With increasing threats to food security and decreasing farm income, we will need to rely on technology to move the sector forward.

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