3 Steps to Finding Work You Actually Like

While we cannot all live the dream of having a job or career we have an undying passion for, there is no reason why finding a job that actually interests us should be hard to reach. If you don’t feel there is much that interests you that you could actually use as a career, don’t fret. The answer is simple.

According to us, there are three easy steps in finding out what interests you.

First up, start by actually trying things rather than sitting around thinking about it. You can think something interests you, but how will you know unless you try it? Take a free online course on design, get an admin job as a side gig, or maybe read a load of books.

Then, rather than asking if you like doing these things, it is better to ask WHAT it is you like about doing these things? With most jobs and careers, there are going to be things you do not like. So, asking if you like something is too big of a question to ask, as the answer as a whole may be ‘no’. However, there are always parts you WILL like, and those parts may be interesting enough to be a great career choice for you.

Rather than a job that is a dream every moment of the day, your goal is to find a job that gives you moments of joy; and more moments of joy than moments that aren’t.

Lastly, find even more things that give you moments of joy. Finding a job that interests you is not going to happen overnight. You will need to wake up each day, try something new, and ask yourself those same questions.

Eventually, you are going to find the perfect option for you. And when that day comes, Gumtree may be the perfect partner in finding the right company to work for.

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