3 Skills to Highlight on Your CV for 2021

The year 2020 has had us all on our toes, and brought about a whole load of changes, especially when it comes to doing business. Most of us have moved to doing almost everything digitally, and working from almost anywhere. The skills on your CV need to reflect these changes, too.

Here are our top three skills to feature on your CV to get you noticed in 2021.  

  1. Change Management. The ability to be effective at accepting changes and knowing what information is required after a shift in goals or objectives.
  2. Cross Collaboration. Hiring managers want to see that even while working remotely, you are able to collaborate with other team members, even those outside of your department, towards achieving common company goals.
  3. Project Management. Working remotely means your managers cannot always keep an eye on you and what you’re getting up to. You need to be efficient at managing your daily tasks and be able to explain your progress, your roadblocks, and what you’re spending your time on.

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