3 Gigs You Can Do to Earn Extra cash on the Weekends

Jobs are hard to come-by, even part-time. If you need extra cash, you can always offer your services to the community. Here are a few jobs that are in high demand on Gumtree:

  • Petsitting/Dogwalking

Dogwalking or pet-sitting is a great side hustle. It doesn’t require a ton of experience but you might be working with animals of different sizes with different needs. A husky requires a lot of exercise, a pitbull can really pull you off your feet on the lead and a daschund needs to be picked up very carefully to protect his back. Make sure you research dog breeds before committing. (Average pay: R60 per hour)

  • Housesitting

Watching someone’s house while they are away is a great way to earn money. You might need to water plants or look after pets as part of the package, but mostly it’s being present and making sure the home is safe. It’s important to build trust before someone hands over their keys, so make sure you get good references and a solid social media profile to put minds at ease. (R150 – R200 per day)

  • Entertainment

Believe it or not, there’s a big demand for Santa Clauses, Princesses and even mermaids for kids’ and corporate parties. You will need to supply a costume and put together an act on occasion – but mostly, you need to look the part. (Av. pay is R200 per hour)

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