Purchasing Classics

Advice for first time buyers:

Classic and vintage cars are generally owned by car enthusiasts. So the reason for buying is usually driven by sheer passion and desire. Too strong and difficult to control emotions. For that reason , some measure of rationale,discipline and introspection, is a good thing. Then decide: do you want a fully restored car or do you want a restoration project ? The decision to buy and what to go for , should be driven by your own profile ,eg are you technically minded and mechanically able, or are you prepared to pay someone else to restore , repair and maintain the car for you ?

If you seek to go the restoration route , then you should set a budget and a project time frame. Try not to over capitalise.(Too much).If you are not mechanically inclined , decide on the type of car you would like , and then contact that particular car club, not only for advice in terms of availability and price ,but also perhaps you could hook up with individual owners within the club.
How to buy from a private seller:

Once you believe that you have found the car of your dreams , you need to establish as far as possible, the car’s history. Have the car checked by a technical person. It should be as original as possible.
Ask for books , tools , workshop manuals , handbooks etc , to be thrown in. Then make an offer based on your research , try not to pay too much. Insist on a roadworthy .


Clubs and advice:
Most marques have formed clubs which you can simply Google. Failing that , The Piston Ring Car Club is a good source of information. It is more than likely , that you will be buying from a private individual , who is most unlikely to give you any form of warranty. Bearing in mind , that the CPA provides no protection to the buyer in a private sale. So , you will most likely be buying “as is” , or Voetstoets.


When buying voetstoots:
Make sure that all the necessary documentation and papers are signed and in your possession , before making full and final payment. Not a good idea to ever buy a classic unseen , as in an overseas purchase.Rust is a major problem in most cities , other than good old rust free Jhb. ( Making classics from Jhb highly sought after , worldwide) Where comprehensive insurance is concerned , there are various, very nominal schemes available , wherein the replacement value is on an agreed basis.
Again , Car clubs can advise.
If you get all of this right , you will enjoy many hours of joyous motoring , polishing , tinkering , and of course , tremendous pride of ownership.Then some day sell at a profit ! Where some cars are concerned the investment potential , could be considerable. So , let the “Mad Car Disease” simply take over , but remember, there is no cure !


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