20 Must Do Car Maintenance Tips

We’ve all got things to do, places to be, and lives to live, so regularly taking our cars in for a service isn’t always top of mind. To help keep your car in tip-top shape between services (that you may or may not remember to go to!), here are 20 MUST DO, easy maintenance tips for your ride.

  1. If you’re driving a brand-new car, break it in carefully; do not go full throttle from the outset.
  2. Purchase the best quality petrol you can afford, and never allow your tank to run on empty.
  3. Do not fill up your tank with petrol at a station that is being refilled as filling the tanks can cause sediment to raise to the top and to enter the petrol station system.
  4. Always park in the shade or under cover.
  5. Clean the interior of your car regularly.
  6. Fix any weather-stripping right away to avoid leaks and mould.
  7. If you have leather seats, purchase a leather conditioner and apply it regularly.
  8. Use a wax after a good exterior wash to protect your paint for longer.
  9. Once you see even the smallest chip in your windshield, have it repaired before it spreads and requires a full windshield replacement.
  10. Keep an old blanket in the boot for instanced where you need to transport something on your roof (this will help to avoid scratches) or for placing soiled items in the boot (this will act as a barrier between your boot carpet and the soiled items).
  11. Try not to lose your tyre valve caps. Not having them on can cause your tyres to lose air over time.
  12. Rotate your tyres at least once a year.
  13. Keep tyres properly inflated at all times.
  14. Your wheels are what touch the road, so they are constantly filled with dirt and grime. Maintain the condition of your wheels with a proper clean every time you wash the exterior of your car.
  15. Incorrect wheel alignment can cause excess tyre wear, so be sure to check your wheel alignment regularly.
  16. Check your oil levels every second visit to the petrol station.
  17. Change your oil regularly to remove dirt and to maintain a clean engine.
  18. Check spark plugs every second time you change your oil; a lot of engine issues can be spotted early on by checking your spark plugs and changing them when necessary.
  19. Run your AC unit during winter months to make sure it stays in working condition; an AC unit that stays off for too long can have issues later on.
  20. If you have a fuel-injected engine, add a bottle of fuel injector cleaner every 6 months into a full tank of petrol.

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