20 Fun Things to Do with Your Two-Year-Old

At the tender age of two, toddlers are no longer amused and impressed by little wooden play gyms on the floor and taking walks around the garden to see the beautiful, colourful flowers. Gone are the days where you can place them on the floor with a few toys and know they will be both safe and entertained.

So, what activities are best for their growing minds now, at the age of two? Here are our top 20 ideas for both indoor and outdoor play.

  1. Having full range of the Tupperware drawer
  2. Making a fort underneath the dining room table or using pillows in the living room
  3. Squishing playdoh between their fingers and using cookie cutters to make fun shapes
  4. Playing with magnets on a cookie sheet
  5. Helping mom or dad do some chores around the house, like sweeping with a small little dust pan
  6. Placing fun stickers all over a cardboard box and rearranging them
  7. Taping a train track on the living room rug or carpet
  8. Tearing up old magazines
  9. Finger painting
  10. Playing with chalk on the driveway or in the garage
  11. Go on a safari in your back garden by finding and taking pictures of interesting bugs you find
  12. Run through a garden sprinkler (but not during a drought, of course!)
  13. Throw rocks and sticks at the park
  14. Start a fairy or butterfly garden in your front or back yard
  15. Grab a bike trailer off Gumtree and head out on a fun adventure
  16. Pouring water in and out of different sized containers in a water table or large plastic container
  17. DIY treasure hunt full of only items they can find outdoors
  18. Indoor dance and music party while banging pots and pans
  19. Removing books from bookshelves and putting them back
  20. Organizing like, small objects in muffin tins, like cheerios or smarties

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