18 Travel Must-Haves

If you want your holiday to be a great one, don’t leave home without our top 18 travel essentials:

  1. Navigation: Built into your car, a plug in or on your phone, attempting unfamiliar roads in an unfamiliar province – often under construction resulting in unforeseen detours – may leave you clueless as to where you have to go and save hours in getting you where you need to be quickly and easily.
  2. A quick-grab pouch loaded with some cash, credit and fuel cards, and copies all your essential documents such as driver’s licence, ID and car registration papers.
  3. A cooler bag or box with snack, drinks and water to munch on while driving or for a roadside stop.
  4. Travel sickness tablets and an emergency medical kit with plasters, ointments and other obvious meds the family may need.
  5. A small aim-and-shoot digital camera, or your mobile phone camera set to high-resolution quality to capture all those memorable moments.
  6. Games – for the kids while in the car and for the family to enjoy together in the evening. Holidays are about quality time together, after all…
  7. Hand sanitizer and wet-wipes or paper towels to clean spills from your precious upholstery, and wipe sweaty faces and chocolaty hands.
  8. Separate pouch with deodorant, fragrance sprays, hairbrush and other toiletries to freshen up at a rest stop.
  9. A car organiser to get quick access to all those ‘things’ you constantly need, and to keep the car uncluttered. Shop for some online.
  10. Entertainment: Audio books and good music loaded on USB sticks or CD
  11. Jumper cables and a tow rope…
  12. Loose-fitting, light and comfortable driving clothes, flip-flops, and pillows and light blankets for inside the car.
  13. The car’s spare keys, kept in a handbag and never left locked inside the car.
  14. Loose cash for toll booths
  15. A full-size spare tyre
  16. Car chargers for mobile devices
  17. Emergency contact numbers for medical services, police, neighbours, family, friends, and your destination location.
  18. A roll of toilet paper. The rest stop may be out, or you are in the middle of nowhere…




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