17 Chore Ideas for Kids

The more your kids enjoy the chores they are doing, the easier it will be to entice them to help out around the house. We get it, cleaning and admin is not the most exciting thing in the world; even us adults dread doing most of these things. We’ve put together a list of 20 ways to teach your kids the responsibility of helping out around the house without it feeling too much like a ‘chore’.


  1. Design place cards for an upcoming dinner or birthday party.
  2. Make a beautiful centrepiece for an upcoming event, and arrange flowers in a vase.
  3. Organize the cheese, meats, crackers and other goods on a charcuterie board to serve as an appetizer.
  4. Water the garden, wash lettuce for a salad, pour water into all flower pots around the house, etc. Anything with water is exciting for children!
  5. Sort all silverware from the dishwasher before putting it all away. Forks go with forks… you get the idea!
  6. Mash the potatoes or slice the hard-boiled eggs.
  7. Help prepare a simple lunch.
  8. Vacuum the carpet or sweep the floor.
  9. Use a damp cloth to dust off all surfaces.
  10. Feed and groom your pets.
  11. Rake leaves from your front or back garden.
  12. Match clean socks with their partners.
  13. Load the dishwasher.
  14. Sort the recycling.
  15. Help dry the dishes, or even wash them (for older children).
  16. Use a wet sponge in the bubble bath to wash around the edges of the tub.
  17. Sort toys with similar items and put them away.


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