15 Awesome Parenting Hacks

Let’s face it: every parent out there could use a little help, whether we like to admit it or not. While we can’t offer to watch your kids for you (unless, of course, you hire a sitter off Gumtree!), we can offer some help in the form of 15 awesome parenting hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner.

  1. Save time every morning by placing five outfits for each child into a separate area of their closets so that if anyone wake’s late one morning, you don’t end up being late for school drop-off.
  2. Motivate your little ones to help with chores by telling them you will time them and whoever does their chores quicker, wins. A little healthy competition!
  3. Place several sheets on your kids’ beds at a time with waterproof protectors between each. This should make any middle-of-the-night potty accidents or sickness easier; simply peel off the top sheet and waterproof protector and tuck them back into bed.
  4. Use bath time as a moment to get a chore done! Keep your eye on your little ones in the bath while also making sure the bathroom is tidy, whether it be the mirror that needs a wipe or new towels that need hanging. Two jobs done in one!
  5. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ every time your children pass you an item. It may seem super repetitive (especially when they pass you the same thing over and over again), but this is the best way to teach!
  6. Repurpose empty plastic diaper wipe containers. They’re the perfect spot to store crayons, felt markers, or small toy parts.
  7. Attach fun songs to different activities like cleaning up toys, washing hair, and brushing teeth. Adding a little bit of fun to mundane activities can help children learn to love them!
  8. Make sharing toys easier by setting a timer when two or more children want to play with the same toy at the same time. Once the timer goes off, it is the next child’s turn. Managing their expectations can significantly reduce tantrums!
  9. Keep a folder in the kitchen with each child’s name on it; place any paper’s they get from school in there, or things like notices for upcoming appointments etc. This is a great way to keep track of each child while always knowing where to find notices that often get lost amongst the chaos.
  10. If you have a fussy newborn, whip out the vacuum cleaner and get to work. Often the white noise of the vacuum can be soothing to them, and you also get some house work done! Win-win.
  11. Stash a few audio books in the car for long road trips to prevent too much screen time to entertain the little ones while on the road.
  12. Another great way to entertain little ones on long car rides is to keep a few mini white boards and white board, dry-erase markers in the car. You can make it a game by asking them to draw certain letters or things they see out the windows.
  13. Use petroleum jelly to remove sticky things like plasters. Simply lather the jelly on the band-aid before bed and in the morning, it should slip right off.
  14. Repurpose baby food jars. They make perfect holders for office supplies like staples, paper clips, or rubber bands.
  15. Hop on Gumtree after Halloween to snag a bunch of kids costumes at low prices. Pop them into a large plastic box for your little ones to use when playing dress-up.

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