10 Well-Paying Customer Service Jobs

With roles available at almost every experience level and plenty of opportunities for advancement, starting a career in Customer Service is a great option for many. In addition to decent paycheques, working in customer service allows you to build valuable skills that transfer to just about any industry.

Here are 15 well-paying customer service jobs to consider, and their primary duties.


Primary Duties:

  • Greet customers
  • Answer queries
  • Document and answer complaints
  • Direct customers to the appropriate employee or department depending on their needs
  • Answering phones
  • Administrative work, like printing, copying, or filing

Bank Teller

Primary Duties:

  • Greeting customers
  • Assisting with deposits, withdrawals, transfers, money orders, and cashing cheques
  • Manage ATMs, count cash, file deposit slips, and balance numbers

Medical Receptionist

Primary Duties:

  • Answering phones
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Sending appointment reminders
  • Greeting and checking in patients
  • Light clerical duties
  • Assist with payment transactions, data entry, and bookkeeping duties

Technical Support Representative

Primary Duties:

  • Handling customer technical concerns by phone, email, or live online chat
  • Analyzing, troubleshooting, and resolving technical issues and determining the next steps
  • Customer transactions, like purchases and refunds

Call Centre Representative

Primary Duties:

  • Following call scripts
  • Determining customer needs
  • Researching issues and providing timely solutions
  • Suggesting and upselling products

Flight Attendant

Primary Duties:

  • Greeting passengers
  • Helping people find their seats, assisting with luggage stowing, and ensuring safety compliance through equipment demonstrations
  • Serving food and beverages
  • Providing instructions during emergencies
  • Clean cabins between flights

Patient Coordinator

Primary Duties:

  • Meet with patients and their families to discuss patient care needs and provide educational information about treatments, medications, and procedures
  • Stay in touch with patients and their families throughout their care and evaluate and report on outcomes

Help Desk Analyst

Primary Duties:

  • Help customers or internal users resolve technical hardware and software issues
  • Handle requests via phone, email, or live online chat support software
  • Help set-up equipment, ensure security compliance, and run software updates

Account Coordinator

Primary Duties:

  • Offer administrative support to senior client services staff, like account executives and account managers
  • Preparing and filing contracts, updating internal databases, and coordinating meetings
  • Compiling account performance reports

Client Relations Specialist

Primary Duties:

  • Responsible for ensuring long-term customer satisfaction
  • Handle client inquiries via phone, email, or in person
  • Field client happiness surveys
  • Respond to online customer reviews and compile client feedback

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