10 Soothing Phrases To Use When Your Child Is Sad

Have you ever considered how tough it must be to be a child in this unpredictable world? For adults, it may seem like children cry for everything or are just throwing random tantrums. But it is important to remember that a child’s brain is not developed enough to understand cause and effect or how big or small a problem is. We expect them to have a regulator on their emotions or use logic to understand the world around them. But their primary form of expression, crying or anger, is usually curbed by parents, teachers or caretakers.

Gumtree explores this world of child psychology and gives you 10 phrases to say during an emotional outburst that can actually help.

1. “I’m listening”: In most situations, children just want to be heard and are not looking for solutions or guidance. Using this phrase will make them feel like you care about their perspectives.

2. “I can tell this is hard for you”: This sympathetic phrase can make the child feel lighter and open up a line of communication, based on trust and empathy.

3. “It’s OK to be sad”: This phrase reassures them that their feelings are justified and feeling low or sad is a normal emotion everyone goes through.

4. “Let’s work this out”: Using this phrase shows your child you are willing to help but on their terms.

5. “If you want to be alone, that’s OK. I’ll be here if you need me to talk”: This phrase makes the child feel like he/she is in control. You are also giving them the space they need until they are ready to communicate.

6. “That was a scary situation, are you OK?”: Using this phrase makes the child feel like you understand why they are so upset. Depending on your relationship, a simple ‘Are you OK?’ can open up conversations.

7. “I hear you”: This phrase mainly represents support and love, which is essential in the child’s well-being.

8. “It doesn’t seem fair”: This phrase tells the child that not everything in life is fair and it is alright to be upset.

9. “Can you tell me about it?”: This can be a great conversation starter if the child is in the right frame of mind to talk.

10. “I’m here for you”: Always tell your children that no matter what, you are there for them.

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