10 Safety Checks for Outdoor Play

While winter may be fast approaching, we all know that one of South Africa’s best kept secrets is the weather winter can bring. Yes, we do get our fair share of rain (in some areas more than others), but we also get numerous beautiful days per month. And during a pandemic especially, our kids are going to want to be outside exploring nature on these days!


Here are a few ways to ensure outdoor play is as safe as possible.


  1. Always enforce a ‘no bike without a helmet’ rule. This should also apply to any sport where kids can reach a high speed, like rollerblading, skateboarding, and riding a scooter.
  2. Be on top of pediatrician check-ups to ensure everyone is healthy at the start of a new season.
  3. Keep bug bites at bay by choosing an insect repellent that is effective, but also smells good and are safe for little ones to use on their sensitive skin.
  4. Inspect playgrounds before your child uses them to ensure they are not too worn and that there is enough cushioning for any hard landings.
  5. Protect their sensitive skin from the harsh South African sun, even on days that are overcast. The presence of clouds does not mean the sun is any less damaging. Re-apply every 30-60 minutes if your children are getting wet.
  6. Test any outdoor toys the kids have not played with for a while. They may want to jump right into an old wagon you used to use often, but if it has been sitting stagnant for some time, it is best to inspect for any rust or damage that could cause them harm.
  7. Keep them hydrated with balanced electrolytes by providing enough water and a banana as a snack.


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