10 Questions to Ask your Children’s Summer Camp

While our kids may not be attending any summer camps this year, and perhaps even next, the time will come where things are safe enough in terms of the pandemic where they can. When the day comes, how will you know these camps are safe enough, in terms of crime or potential harm?

Here are 10 questions to ask before signing your child up for summer camp:

  1. Are background and criminal record checks performed on all employees that will be near or taking care of the children?
  2. Are all employees checked through any national and provincial sex offender lists?
  3. Do you conduct interviews and call references for all employees?
  4. During your interviews, do you discuss boundaries in terms of appropriate behaviour around and with children, including bullying?
  5. What are your employee policies and guidelines?
  6. What steps are taken to decrease the risk of abuse at your camp?
  7. What steps are taken to decrease the risk of peer to peer bullying?
  8. What type of training do you offer your employees?
  9. Do you offer training for how to handle bullying or behavioural issues with the children?
  10. Are you licensed or accredited?

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