10 Examples of a Service Industry

Service industries are those that produce value in intangible forms. For example, a business that offers value to customers in the form of advice, knowledge, design, data, or via experience would be a service-based industry.

While there are an infinite number of service industry types (well, not technically but you get where we’re going here!), we’ve put together a short list of some popular ones to give you a better idea:

  1. Information technology | Rather than selling a physical electronic product, information tech companies offer a software service.
  2. Hospitality | Any service that hosts guests like a restaurant, hotel, or spa.
  3. Travel | Any business that offers transport services like flights, bus rides, or tours.
  4. Media | Businesses that offer design, advertising, or marketing services like a blog, a TV network, or a radio station.
  5. Entertainment | A business that offers entertainment to customers like theme parks, movie theatres, and comedy houses.
  6. Sports | Businesses like gym facilities, and stadiums offering in-person spectator sports.
  7. Healthcare | Businesses that care for others like clinics, hospitals, and physiotherapy.
  8. Finance | Businesses like banks, and personal accounting services.
  9. Sales & Marketing | Businesses that offer things like event promotion, or real estate services.
  10. Management | Businesses that offer property management, facility management, or outsourced people management.

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