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Has load shedding killed the electric car dream for good?

electric car

Two years ago, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies announced a whopping 35% reimbursement on production costs over three years as an incentive for local electric car manufacturers. Thus far, only Ethiopia and South Africa have attempted to launch electric cars on the African continent which some have hailed as an environmental victory for both […]

Success! A Staffer’s Gumtree Experience


What do Gumtree staffers do on their holidays? The honest answer is that we spend it on Gumtree! I found my success quite early in December when I sold my car on Gumtree – you can read the blog post about my experience here. So I was inspired to gain a little more cash for […]

Selling my car via Gumtree – Tips and a real life success story

Buy your car on Gumtree

Having found my dream car on Gumtree, I obviously needed to sell my old car. My Mazda had been a loyal and trustworthy companion for some time, but she was getting a little long in the tooth and I needed an upgrade. I was very sad to see her go, but I knew I could […]

I bought and sold my car via Gumtree!


The best measure of a product is whether or not the people who sell them, actually use them. At Gumtree it’s true – the staff buy and sell on the site all the time. So when I decided to sell my car to buy a new one, I wasn’t going to use any other site. […]

Success Story Terms and Conditions


GUMTREE SUCCESS STORY COMPETITION Do you regularly buy and sell goods on Gumtree? Have you found your dream job on the site? Or perhaps achieved something you never thought possible? Share your success story before 31 January by replying to this ad and you could win R50,000 in cash. All you have to do to […]

Gumtree is giving away iFix vouchers!


Congrats on receiving your iFix Voucher!  You can repair your Apple or Samsung device, chose from a range of cool accessories or keep it for a rainy day up until June 2015. Terms and conditions apply and can be found below. If you’ve been awarded a voucher, you can redeem it by: 1. Going to any […]

Gumtree Christmas Gift Ideas


We recently did a poll among our users asking the question, Would you mind if you found something under the tree that has been “previously owned”? 51% of Gumtreers said that they didn’t mind whether a gift was bought second hand, while 17% said it was not acceptable and gifts should be bought new. The […]

How to avoid holiday rental scams


Most of us have started planning our December breaks already, and the online world has made it so much easier to compare prices and hunt for bargain holidays. However, there have been reports of unlucky vacationers who have been duped by fraudsters. There are definite safety tips that one has to follow before putting down […]

What kind of Gumtreer are you?


During my time at Gumtree, I’ve met lots of interesting people…but none are more interesting than Gumtreers themselves. Some like very specific items and scour the site looking for collectibles, others prefer to sell rather than shop. Some have even quit their day jobs to become full time Gumtrepreneurs. The beauty of the site is […]

Gumtree Digital Showroom Event

Gumtree Auto ZA Business Breakfast 14-10-2014_-103

On the 14th of October, Gumtree hosted a networking/knowledge share breakfast aimed at role players in the automotive sector at SA Automotive Week. Guest speakers including Marcus Bardach from Auto SLM and Brett St Clair from Google SA, as well as top speakers from Gumtree Automotive, presented topics relevant to the digital age of automotive […]

Gumtree Summer Promotion Terms and Conditions


UPDATE! We’ve selected our ten funniest Summerbonus ads! Vote for your favourite by sharing the ad you like on Twitter, Facebook or other social media channels! (Don’t forget to use @gumtreecoza or #gumtreecoza in your post!)  View the ads here:   Gumtree is making sure that the summer of 2014 is going to be the […]

Gumtree WinBack Promotion Terms and Conditions


HOW TO ENTER Purchase a car that you find on Gumtree and you stand the chance of driving off with up to 250k back in cash! All you have to do to complete your entry is to reply to the WinBack Ad with: Your name and contact number The model, year, colour, price of purchase of the […]

Unpacking Building Insurance


by Guest Blogger, Stanford Legodi Buying a house  is probably the single biggest purchase someone will make in his or her lifetime. It stands to reason that, because life has no guarantees, this big purchase needs to be properly insured with adequate buildings cover. We’ve compiled a list of possibly the most important questions and […]

Gumtree Best Ads Contest Rules

Gumtree Hall of Fame

BEST ADS OF GUMTREE COMPETITION RULES/TERMS & CONDITIONS By participating in the Best Ads of Gumtree competition(the “Competition”), prospective advertisers agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below (“Rules”), which is being facilitated on the online advertising platform provided to you by Marktplaats BV (“Gumtree”). A copy of these Rules are available online […]

South Africa’s Top Tourist Destinations


by Guest Blogger, Standford Legodi Are you thinking of going on holiday, but are not sure where to go?  You should  consider taking time to explore more of what  Mzansi has to offer, find reliable travel agents right here. Sure, you may live in South Africa and may take the odd trip from one province […]

Hidden Gems in Your Home to Sell


Have a look at your cupboards, the space beneath the stairs, and the boxes in the garage; you might be surprised how much value is just gathering dust in your home. The adage ‘one person’s junk is another’s treasure’ can certainly apply to unused items in your home. Furniture Many people move furniture around with […]

Buying for baby on a budget


Baby boutiques and their extensive product ranges can be extremely attractive for any new mom – but the reality is that nursery furniture and baby clothing gets outgrown very quickly. Used goods and home businesses can provide an attractive and cost effective alternative, but is it safe to buy secondhand items for your baby? Buying […]

Managing your debt in a recession

managing your debt

Are you in debt or struggling to make it through the month on your salary? Then you need a plan of action! Stop and evaluate the options available to you on how to get out of this debt sinkhole. If left unattended, debt will only get worse and may land you in serious financial trouble. […]

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt, Know the Difference


‘Good debt’ (Noun): An investment that will appreciate and / or generate income over time. Seems that no matter what you do, its always difficult avoiding the debt trap. You could try, but you might never be able to own your own house, car or any other high value item; unless, of course, you have […]

Gumtree Extreme Refresh was a resounding success!

Extreme Refresh

Thanks to the hard work and generous hearts of our amazing Joburg Gumtreers, we’ve managed to transform the Little Pina Pina Educare Centre in just four weeks. Feedback from Mama Lorraine is that the children are so pleased with the makeover that parents are having trouble convincing them to leave in the afternoons – they […]

Fine dining in the sky


Many of us associate flying with big confusing airports, lost or damaged baggage, cramped cabins and being seated next to loud and obnoxious passengers, which ultimately ruins the experience of the flight. Airlines have picked up on this hesitation of passengers to fly and have devised clever ways to keep passengers satisfied. Not only are […]

Gumtree at a Glance

Gumtree South Africa #1 Free Classifieds Site

Our amazing team at Ogilvy put together this infographic that gives you a little glimpse into the Number One Locally-Owned Website in SA. Thanks to you, we have over 7 million unique visitors every month, we’re the number 1 most trafficked website in South Africa, and we have over 800,000 Facebook likes! Thank you for […]

Looking for Extra Money?


We’re living in a time where it’s getting more and more difficult for your budget to keep up with your lifestyle. And it is not always possible for you to make cutbacks on your expenses, nor would you necessarily want to. Luckily, you do have options; you can get a second job or take out […]

Create Storage in Your Kitchen for < R,1000

Create Kitchen Storage

If you are longing for more space in your kitchen, these tips can help you use wasted space and create clever, affordable storage solutions. Firstly, de-clutter your surfaces. Clean lines create the illusion of space as does a neutral colour scheme. Cork or peg boards (aka notice boards) transform an empty wall into handy storage. […]

We’re Number One!


Effective Measure, the official online audience measurement supplier of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (formerly the DMMA), has announced that Gumtree is the most trafficked South African website based on unique browsers received. “Gumtree is now officially the largest Effective Measure tagged IAB member site in South Africa for South African users,” says Effective Measures MD, […]

Gumtree It and Win R10K!

Gumtree Free Classifieds

GUMTREE IT AND WIN BIG COMPETITION The basics: Post at least 2 new ads on Include “#GumtreeIt” in your ad title Ads posted through 26 September 2014 are eligible to win Double your chances to win by posting from a Gumtree mobile app Click here to post and win! OR download our APP now Blackberry: Android: iOS: […]

Preparing for a New Baby

Preparing for a New Baby

The homecoming of your brand-new baby can unnerve even the most conscientious parent-to-be. Whether it is your firstborn or a sibling added to an already bustling nest, the happy event requires careful planning. One of the smartest things to do is arrange help for when you get home. Ask your mother, friends, and neighbours to […]

Gumtree It – The Game!

Gumtree It- The Game

We here at the Gumtree Office are excited to announce our newest project, Gumtree It – The Game! You have 30 seconds to sell as much unused stuff as you can, and earn cash as you go! To play, Click highlighted items as fast as you can for the full 30 seconds. You can play two […]

Gumtree partners up with For Good for a good cause!


Gumtree has partnered up with For Good, an online platform that connects those who want to help with organisations needing help. Their goals is to connect people with a cause that needs something: a donation of time, goods or money. (You can choose causes that interest you or focus on those in your area.) Gumtree has […]

5 Unused Household Items to Sell NOW

Items You Never Use

Perhaps there is a human tendency to gather originated in ancestral hunter-gatherer days. Why else would people hoard so many things they never use? Walk around your house, room by room, and see what is sitting there unused. Pretty soon you will have five or more items on your list of candidates. Decide if you […]

Gumtree Extreme ReFresh T&Cs

extreme fresh

As many of you know by now, Gumtree and DJ Fresh will be working together to give the  Little Pnina Pnina DayCare a brand new look! We’re appealing to all Joburgers to come together, go through their cupboards, garages and storage rooms and donate unwanted items to our cause! HOW TO PARTICIPATE:   1.     Visit to find […]

Women on Wheels: Top Tips for Buying a Car Seat


If you have a baby or small child, you can’t do without a car seat as it is pivotal to the safety of your child when driving in the car. You may not have thousands to spend and that is what it can cost these days. Well, why not go check out some car seats […]

How to Start a Spaza Shop at Home

Start a Spaza

Spaza shops are especially popular in South Africa, generating billions each year. If you know the local trade in your area and see an opportunity to earn money by starting your own spaza shop, you’ll benefit from the best tips on how to start a spaza shop from your home. Talk to the Experts If […]

We re-did our office entirely on Gumtree!


When the marketing team moved into our new offices in Cape Town, we really wanted to put our unique  stamp on it…creating a space that was funky and functional, practical and pretty, and very Gumtree. Of course, we always say that you can find anything you want on Gumtree…which is why we asked our long-time […]

O Magazine: Everything You need for a new Baby


Having a baby is one of the most exciting, life-changing experiences but it can also come with a lot of stress and financial strain. These baby essentials from are affordable and will make the process that much easier. Baby Monitors A baby monitor is a must-have to track your newborn’s movements and sleep patterns. […]

Cosmo Party Planning Excitement

COSMO Logo[5]

I’m celebrating the big 3-0 this weekend, and I’m keen to have a (budget-friendly) retro-themed party at my flat. So, instead of wasting time hunting for party props and traipsing from shop to shop, I decided to have a squiz on Gumtree. I was blown away by how many amazing deals I found! 1. Chocolate […]

Women on Wheels Top Hands-Free Kits on Gumtree


There is no reason to get caught talking on your phone whilst driving. It is illegal after all.  What you need is a handsfree kit for your car and what better place to find this than on Gumtree. An array of units that will suit your specific needs can be found on this site. VW […]

Marie Claire Top Accessories on Gumtree

MC Logo

Bargains on bargains on some more bargains! This week we bring you all the best places to purchase some little things that do wonders for your everyday look: Click here for leather, classic prints and graphics, bags that are uniquely designed to suit your routine. Click here if you appreciate a design with just a […]

House and Leisure 5 Super Sofas

HL Logo

In need of a new place to perch? Look no further: we’ve found these 5 incredibly well-priced and plush couches on Gumtree.  1. Wetherly’s Genuine Leather Couch, R6 500 This genuine leather, full grain couch is in mint condition. With a deep seat and high back rest, this comfy sofa is sure to be snuggle-heaven. […]

Good Housekeeping Tips for Improving Your Lifestyle with Gumtree

GH masthead English HI RES_1

These items will kick your lifestyle up a notch. 8 Seater Jacuzzi for sale R4 500 Relaxing in a Jacuzzi with a cocktail is a dream shared by many people. This 8 seater Jacuzzi can be yours for only R4 500.   Apple tree -1m tall R 130  Grow your own organic apples! If you […]

Create Space in Your Bathroom for < R1,500

Create Space in Bathroom

Whether you’re sharing a bathroom with the whole house, your partner, or just your housemate, things can get cramped. If your bathroom feels small, cluttered, and uncomfortable but you don’t have a lot of cash to fix it, there are some great ways to update, renovate, refresh, and revive your bathroom for under R1500 – […]

Gumtree Tips: 5 Things in Your House To Sell Now

Household Items to Sell

The weather isn’t warming up anytime soon, and we know a lot of South Africans are getting a serious case of cabin fever. But have no fear, because Gumtree has the perfect tips to get you through the rest of winter – and make extra money while you’re at it! It’s time for a pre-spring […]

Cosmo’s Moving Made Easy with Gumtree

COSMO Logo[5]

I’m moving house this weekend. Yay. I want to be excited, I really do, but the thought of spending hours and hours traipsing through homestores and getting more blisters than bargains makes me want to curl up in a dark corner of my unfurnished flat and weep. To save myself some of the Agony of […]

Marie Claire Get Fit with Gumtree!

MC Logo

This week we bring you a fun way to stay fit and sexy. The gym is not for everyone and these alternatives might be your ticket to a fabulous summer body. Here are a few suggestions: Belly Dance: Click Here for a tutorial on how to move those hips like Shakira and burn a few kilojoules while […]

Women on Wheels Top Picks for the week


Car manufacturers always try to improve new models by boasting lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Fuel consumption is very much influenced by the manner of driving; you can easily save some cash by adjusting your driving habits. However, what makes a bigger difference is the actual car you drive. One of the biggest […]

O Magazine Winter Warmers


Stay warm in style this winter with unique statement pieces like the ones we found on Gumtree. Winter Trench Coat A classic trench coat can be worn over many winter seasons. A Scarf or wrap These beautifully patterned scarves will add a pop of colour to your winter outfit, ensuring that winter blues stay away! […]

House and Leisure: 5 Occasional Chairs on Gumtree

HL Logo

If selected correctly, mismatched chairs can make for lovely statement pieces. Have a look at these cool finds from Gumtree this week. 1. Retro Atomic Armchair, R1 000 This blue armchair would be lovely close to a cosy fireplace, with a good stack of books nearby. 2. COKKA Armchair, R400 These fun COKKA chairs are […]

Good Housekeeping: In with the old…

GH masthead English HI RES_1

Get the look, the body, the holiday and the phone you want! 1. Bet you wish you’d never thrown out your typewriter! Retro typewriters are finding their spot in the sun once again. Great for old-school letter writing, or as a conversational collectible. R350 is a bargain price! 2. Renovating? These port-hole windows […]

Gumtree Cycling Club Competition

Terms and Conditions

August is bike month on Gumtree! AUGUST IS BIKE MONTH ON GUMTREE We want your wheels! Gumtree is challenging all major cycle clubs in Gauteng to sell their unwanted cycling gear on during the month of August. We want as much stock as possible in preparation for Bike-to-work day in September and we want […]